Presentations and Abstracts

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  • Accelerating a Transport Layer Based 5G Multi-Access Proxy on SmartNIC - Rebecka Alfredsson; Andreas J. Kassler; Jonathan Vestin; Marcus Pieska; Markus Amend (Abstract)
  • Affordable Measurement Setups for Networking Device Latency with Sub-Microsecond Accuracy - Alexej Grigorjew; Philip Diederich; Tobias Hoßfeld; Wolfgang Kellerer (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Cloudless Resource Monitoring in a Fog Computing System Enabled by an SDN/NFV Infrastructure - Duy Thanh Le; Marcel Großmann; Udo R. Krieger (Presentation, Abstract)
  • DBM: Decentralized Burst Mitigation for Self-Organizing LoRa Deployments - Simon Raffeck; Stefan Geissler; Tobias Hoßfeld (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Effective Rate of URLLC with Short Block-Length Information Theory - Najib Odhah; Eckhard Grass; Rolf Kraemer (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Evaluating Dynamic Path Reconfiguration for Time Sensitive Networks - Nurefşan Sertbaş Bülbül; Doğanalp Ergenç; Mathias Fischer (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Identification of Signaling Patterns in Mobile IoT Signaling Traffic - Viktoria Vomhoff; Stefan Geissler; Tobias Hoßfeld
  • LoRaWAN Network Planning in Smart Environments: Towards Reliability, Scalability, and Cost Reduction - Frank Loh; Stefan Geissler; Tobias Hoßfeld (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Next-Generation Satellite Communication Networks - Jörg Deutschmann; Kai-Steffen Hielscher; Reinhard German (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Reproducible by Design: Network Experiments with Pos - Sebastian Gallenmüller; Dominik Scholz; Henning Stubbe; Eric Hauser; Georg Carle (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Response Times in Time-To-Live Caching Hierarchies Under Random Network Delays - Karim Elsayed; Amr Rizk (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Static Evaluation of a Wheel-Topology for an SDN-Based Network Usecase - Dimitrios Savvidis; Robert Roth (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Towards Stateless Core Networks: Measuring State Access Patterns - Malte Höweler; Zuo Xiang; Franz Höpfner; Giang T. Nguyen; Frank H.P. Fitzek (Presentation, Abstract)
  • Virtual Queues for QoS Compliance of Haptic Data Streams in Teleoperation - Osel Lhamo; Giang T. Nguyen; Frank H.P. Fitzek (Abstract)